Foresight Solar Debt ESIC

The SunBot Early Stage Innovation Company opportunity (Foresight Solar Debt ESIC) is an opportunity for investors to subscribe for shares in an early stage innovation company (ESIC). The Company will fund a solar plant and develop a patented drone surveillance technology for application in the rapidly growing global solar sector.

Each $1 million investment is expected to generate enough to power over 400 Australian homes with 100% renewable energy, allowing investors an opportunity to be a part of the global solution to the climate crisis.

The AAA-rated government incentive for investment into ESIC companies allows investors to play their part in supporting Australian innovation, whilst protecting the assets they have worked hard to build.

We have an exclusive collaboration contract in place with an award-winning technology start-up company, H3 Dynamics. This collaboration, which brings together Foresight’s solar energy expertise and H3 Dynamics’ software and patented hardware, may deliver additional venture capital return to investors through shared profits resulting from the collaboration.

Key reasons to invest

Be part of the solution

Play your part in fighting the climate crisis by investing into a sustainable fund where you do not need to choose between returns and conscience.

A smarter asset class

Infrastructure is a smarter asset class, with downside protection and low correlation to equity markets.

Experienced global manager

Invest with a trusted sustainable infrastructure asset manager with close to 300 renewable energy assets globally and over 35 years investment experience.

Supporting Australian innovation

Stimulating Australian innovation through the development of patented drone technology that will enable the faster progression of renewable energy in Australia.


Infrastructure debt is specifically designed to minimise the risk of default and to maximise recovery in the unlikely event of default.


Infrastructure assets are relatively demand-insensitive, and are therefore less susceptible to market movements, meaning they provide diversification to traditional asset classes such as equities or corporate bonds.

Long duration

Population and economic growth will drive demand for energy infrastructure assets. This growth means that energy infrastructure investments have the potential to deliver predictable, sustainable income for investors.

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The objective of the Foresight Solar ESIC is to provide first ranking senior secured funding to one or two solar plants in Australia. These projects may be in construction or operational stage. We will use the solar plant data to develop a solar drone technology in collaboration with H3Dynamics for use in the utility-scale solar sector.

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Using senior secured debt, Foresight Solar Debt ESIC is targeting a Net Return to investors of 14% to 15% (after investor-level tax, including the ESIC tax offset,  net of Company fees and costs and grossed up for franking credits) and will deliver significant environmental benefits through the funding of a zero-emissions solar generation plant.

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Company name: SunBot Pty Limited (ACN 636 025 173)

Investment Instrument: Ordinary Shares in SunBot Pty Ltd ("Shares”)

Manager: Foresight Group Australia Pty Ltd

Target Company Size: $15 million to $20 million

Term: Targeting two years from the Subscription Date

Closing Date: Expected Friday 19 June 2020

Minimum Investment Amount: $100,000 (or such other amount as determined by the Manager in its absolute discretion)

Investor Type: Australian ‘wholesale clients’ as defined in section 761G of the Corporations Act

Target Return: 3% to 4% per annum (net of all fees and expenses) from the Company. This is equivalent to a Net Return to investors of 14% to 15% (after investor-level tax, including the ESIC tax offset, net of Company fees and costs and  grossed up for franking credits)

Additional return from the technology investment: In the range of nil to 10% of Invested Capital

Taxation: Investors should seek independent taxation advice as appropriate and required

Key Risks: The key risks include debt performance, ATO, liquidity, exit, technology and Covid-19 risks

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