Webinar Series: Ask the Experts - How to Use an ESIC Qualification to Boost Investor Returns (Part Two)

Session Two - Foresight explains ESIC Investment Opportunities

Renewable energy is now unrivalled as the cheapest form of energy available and Australia has some of best natural resource to lead the global renewable energy expansion.

Foresight Senior Investment Manager, Ben Shepherd explains the launch of the FY19/20 Foresight Solar Debt ESIC product and discusses how investors can become part of the clean energy transition while receiving returns boosted by an ESIC investment structure.

Key takeaways from this session include:

  • What are the opportunities to invest in Australian solar ?
  • How has solar shown resilience during COVID-19 and what is the future trajectory for solar?
  • Why debt is lower risk and volatility than equity ?
  • What is the overseas experience on ESIC-like incentives?
  • Why Foresight has decided to launch this product in Australia?

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