The Fifth Estate report on Foresight Group fund for small scale renewables

Poppy Johnston covers the launch of Foresight Group’s new infra-debt fund Foresight Renewable Energy Income Fund, which opens the door for Australian wholesale investors interested in CBI-certified green debt - an asset class that was only once accessible to institutional investors.

As the company’s first wholesale fund in Australia, Head of Australia Kim Nguyen says Foresight have taken the opportunity for infrastructure investment specialists to fill this gap.

Foresight Head of Infrastructure Nigel Aitchison adds “There is no question that the surge in interest for green bonds and renewable energy infrastructure will only continue to intensify.  Investors have shifted their focus to true-to-label investment solutions that directly contribute to the global decarbonisation agenda.”

Targeting $150 million in size, this Fund will offer Carbon Trust-verified loans of between $5 - $30 million to small scale solar, wind, and associated infrastructure projects. This fund will target a 4.0-4.5 per cent yield margin over the RBA cash rate.

This article originally appeared in The Fifth Estate on the 12th September 2019, and can be read in full here. Find out more about the Foresight Renewable Energy Infrastructure Fund here.