PV Magazine reports on New Investment Fund to boost smaller-scale Solar Projects

Blake Matich covered the launch of Foresight Group’s new renewable energy investment fund that looks to provide wholesale investors with CBI certified loans into smaller-scale renewable energy projects, particularly solar PV.

This was welcoming news despite the Clean Energy Council’s September report that stated the nation’s decline in renewable energy investments due to post-2020 state of affairs lacking in any federal energy or climate policy.

Our newly appointed Head of Australia at Foresight, Kim Nguyen said: “The Foresight Renewable Energy Income Fund is innovative in a global sense. We hope it helps put Australia on the map as an innovator in the fast-growing green debt capital markets.”

Our Head of Infrastructure, Nigel Aitchison commented on the intensifying interest for green bonds and renewable energy infrastructure, “Investors have shifted their focus to true-to-label investment solutions that directly contribute to the global decarbonisation agenda.”

This article originally appeared in PV Magazine 12th September 2019, and can be read in full here. Find out more about the Foresight Renewable Energy Infrastructure Fund here.